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Hello and Welcome to our home on the vast and never-ending world which is the internet. We do hope you can find some rather interesting items on our site whether it’s awesome hand-made products in our shop or some knowledge and skills that might help you out with your own endeavors via our blog.

SilverSnowDragon Creations has been around for many, many years and after perfecting our crafts we decided to take it a step farther and create it’s own web presence where we have complete control.

SilverSnowDragon Creations is committed to quality items at affordable prices. We specialize in “All things nerdy”. These are not the average run of the mill items that you can find just anywhere. Our products are perfect for those hard to buy for people who have practically everything. If you have gamers, movie buffs, comic book geeks, fandom freaks or cosplayers in your life then you have found the best place to buy unique and interesting gifts for their “she-sheds” or “man-caves”.

Aside from our products on our stores we also offer:

Blog posts about pretty much everything you can think of!

How-tos, tips and tricks, trials & errors and so much more in a variety of different topics. From arts and craft projects to finding a way out of the regular “9-5 slave to the grind” workforce.

Enjoy your visit and browse around at all the things that makes SilverSnowDragon Creations a great place to hang out and relax with!

Have fun!