Master Wizard Mixed Media Art Doll


Master Wizard Mixed Media Art Doll

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The Master Wizard Mixed media art doll.

This guy is very hard to even list as we love him so much and he was the very first that we created!

Our Wizard measures approximately 111″ in height when posed fully upright.
He is poseable and is also free standing but can be put on a doll stand for added stability.
His face, hands and feet are hand sculpted from polymer clay. His body is made of Polyester batting and dressed in very fancy silk/satin like materials.
His cape can be displayed with either the hood up of down do you can see his aging head of white hair that is made of faux fur.
He also comes with his “Crystal ball” which is made of art resin and we have made it so it can be taken out of his hand if you would like him to hold something else.

He is definitely a One of a Kind (OOAK) and there are no worries that you will find another like him.

Please note: All our mixed media art dolls are not designed for heavy play and not recommended for small children. They are more geared toward collector display items.

The Wizard makes a great gift for the fantasy or wizard lovers in your life.

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