E-Learning Ideas. Will they sell??!

Recently I have been looking in to making a passive income here on my site and on our Etsy shop. I just can’t seem to keep up with makin new products and listings. With the Holidays around the corner I am trying to come up with ways to make a more passive income so that I can have a little more time to make my products.

I have run in to the problem with my mirror etchings lately that USPS must have forgotten what the word FRAGILE means. Every mirror I have sent out as of late has arrived to my customers damaged and I am left to work out the details of giving them a positive interaction with us. So I go above and beyond to make it right to the customer ever though I package my items extremely well. So now I am to the point that I would like to just discontinue offering etched mirrors on our shop and need to come up with some new ideas.

Our clay creatures are wonderful sellers…..Sadly, Sasquatch mentioned in my other post has been rehomed and I trust the customer will take very good care of him. The problem with them is they take quite a bit of time for me to sculpt and clothe.

So I have been thinking about offering some e-courses for sale. Examples would include how I make my mirror etchings, my way of woodburning items to give them that real feel and 3-d effects instead of just scratching in a light burn like many people do and maybe even some clay and resin tutorials.

So my question is……and I would greatly appreciate any feedback from my site visitors and customers……Would people be interested in this information? Would they be willing to actually buy the classes? A couple people I have talked to have told me they could just go on YouTube for this information and get it free of charge. My feelings are…..”you can go on YouTube and learn the basics of how many people do it, but it will not result in the way our products turn out unless you use our tactics” which we very rarely share with others. I have had many people ask at festivals and shows if I offered some sort of classes to which I always replied no at that time. It really has me intrigued to think I could offer my skillset to others.

So let us know your thoughts…..Should we work on offering some E-courses complete with written and video tutorials?

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