The Artistic Mind and The Great Sasquatch Debate

This is my very first real blog post so bare with me while I figure everything out.

A few weeks ago a new clay sculpture/mixed media doll idea popped into my head. Sasquatch!! AKA Bigfoot. I really had no idea how he was going to turn out nor did I have any idea where to even start. So I started perusing the internet for some pictures and renditions of this iconic creature. I found a wonderful base picture to use as a somewhat guide as I sculpted and it worked out really well with the picture I chose. So I got to work as soon as I had the time to sit down and sculpt.

Now here is where the artist’s mind becomes a problem sometimes; As I began sculpting his head my brain starts to ask all kinds of odd questions. The biggest question that popped into my head was “Does Sasquatch have a belly button?”

Now, as a mixed media artist this is a pretty legit question. I want my squatch to be as realistic as I can get him in such a small scale. Some renditions of bigfoot have him with a bare chest while others have him completely furry. This one little question turned into a huge thing for about 3 days. It took me forever that first night to fall asleep as I pondered how I wanted my squatch to look and if I did indeed want to make him bare chested and if I needed to figure out a belly button for him. Meanwhile I finished up the initial sculpt of his head that evening.

Here is a photo of the initial head sculpt.

So that night I messaged my daughter who is pretty knowledgeable on most of my weird questions. I asked her if sasquatch has a belly button. Her response was “If he is a humanoid creature then yes, he would have a belly button” I replied with, “Ok, if he has a belly button than how did it end up with one? Human babies have their umbilical cords either tied or clamped when they are born and the cord is cut. What did humans do before doctors became a thing? Did we just gnaw off the umbilical cord? And if so how did the baby’s insides not fall out since it was obviously not tied or clamped back then??” We actually never did figure out an answer to that.

The next day I went to my regular job (Which has nothing to do with art or anything of the sort) and I start asking fellow co-workers the bigfoot belly button question. Most of the replies I received were “Yes, if they are mammals then they would have a belly button. All mammals have belly buttons.” This was still not enough for me. Even more questions are forming in my head. Now I’m thinking, “Not all mammals have a belly button, or at least not a visible belly button. Whales are mammals, Can’t say as I have ever seen a whale belly button. Cats and dogs do not have visible belly buttons either.” Suffice it to say, we never did actually come to a hard and fast answer as to whether or not sasquatch does or does not have a belly button. But one of the supervisors I had asked googled it. The response was basically along the lines of “Sasquatch is a fictional character much like a fairy or an elf so they can be depicted either with or without.” But she did ask me “Do you really believe in sasquatch? And if so why do you think they are really in existence since there is no kind of proof?”

Well, Now we have a whole other topic of conversations. Yes, I do believe sasquatch is a real thing. But then the question arose as to why there have never been any skeletal remains ever found of one. Hubby seems to believe that they have their own special burial grounds hidden in remote areas that have never really been explored. I came to the conclusion that, there actually were skeletal remains found and they basically were classified as Cro-Magnon Man. The theory of evolution shows us that Cro-Magnon man were more ape-like and had big sloped foreheads and were hairier than current humans. They walked hunched over but if you stood a Cro-Magnon man fully upright they would be much taller than a modern day human. Skeletal remains have been found but since there was no DNA or anything to base off of any current creatures than scientists chalked it up to Cro-Magnon man and not Sasquatch.

Anyway, That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!

The following weekend I actually did finally sit down and continued working on my squatch. Pictured below are photos of his body armature and when I first started adding his fur.

After the whole “Does Sasquatch have a belly button debate” I decided to just give him full fur to avoid whether or not he did have a belly button. I think he turned out amazing and so far have not had the heart to put him on the shop to sell him as I love him so much. He will go up on our shops in the very near future for sale, but for right now he is on my completed shelf so I can take him in for just a little while longer before we have to say goodbye to him. I just had to share this whole ordeal with everyone and find out……Am I the only artist that has this problem with random obscure questions popping into their heads when they create??

Here are some photos of my completed squatch that I just can’t bare to part with just yet.