About Us

SilverSnowDragon Creations has been in the making for many years. The love for artistry and crafting started back in the early 90s. Back then it was mostly sketching and drawing. After designing many small business logos and designs of some of our customer’s websites we later decided to take on other media. Woodburnings were a passion for the longest time and we still do some today, although not as much as they are very time consuming.

The name SilverSnowDragon Creations came about roughly about 2005 and it has remained ever since. Around that time, or shortly thereafter glass and mirror work became the focus. From hand painted pieces to etched glass it became a trial period for the business to see what worked and what did not. After seeing many people using creams and expensive laser equipment SilverSnowDragon Creations decided to take a more hands on route and use rotary tools.

Again more trial and error to see what worked and what did not. After many bandaged fingers and numerous broken pieces around 2010 it was decided to take our pieces and put them online to sell at reasonable prices so everyone could appreciate them. We began doing local festivals and craft shows to try and boost our name and start becoming more serious about the business.

The craft shows and festivals were a great way to get ourselves a following but it became apparent that not only was the glass extremely heavy but it seemed every time we did a show we would lose at least one piece every time being broken during transport. From the shows however, we did learn that there were many people out there that would love for some sort of classes in order to learn how to do the work that we do on their own.

Moving forward to 2017 or somewhere there about, the hubby decided he wanted to be more involved and decided he wanted to start making wood wall hangings. He wanted to have them lighted with no wires showing so they could be hung anywhere without the need for electrical outlets or ugly wires hanging from them. He makes each one individually with jigsaws and sanders. Again, we do not use any laser equipment or plasma cutters for any of our pieces. So all the wall hangings we have available are made exclusively by him. After being online for as long as we were, we decided to spend a little extra money and do some marketing which finally started to bring online sales. At first they trickled in but we were finding more of our niche market and what was selling and what was not. Guessing as to what people wanted was probably one of our biggest hurdles. We have since realized that fantasy, pop culture, and gaming related items were the way to go.

Now to the present day, after all the trials and errors of what was working, what was easiest to ship (As we sell worldwide) and what fits into our schedules, the polymer clay designs started really taking off. So currently we are focusing most on polymer clay figures and the lighted wood wall hangings. Although glass, mirrors and wood burnings are still a part of what we offer and will add some to our store from time to time. We still do some local shows from time to time, but are far more selective when it comes to those as now we know which ones have our clientele and are worth the money to us.

So what does this mean to you? We offer unique and personalized items for that hard to shop for person. Whether its the gamer, cosplayer, pop culture addict, geek, nerd, or just really hard to shop for person, SilverSnowDragon Creations either has it or can make it for you! Also we will be offering tutorials via our blogs as well as videos. So be sure to visit our galleries, shop our store and visit the blogs. We would love to hear from all of you whether its feedback on an item you purchased from us, or just comments and suggestions on our blogs!